Aims and Objectives


WeLive aims to bridge the gap between innovation and adoption of open government services and to catalyse public services by empowering citizens and businesses to directly participate in the design, creation,  selection and delivery of some of the public services in the form of mobile apps.

WeLive aims to develop an innovative and open technological framework to involve citizens, public administrations (P.A.) and local businesses and companies into the innovation process. Specifically, the WeLive will enable:

  • Citizens, companies and public administration to express their needs and elaborate new ideas for services and apps and to choose the most promising ones;
  • Companies to develop basic building blocks that emerge from the needs expressed by the selected ideas;
  • Public Administration and Citizens (final users) to release open data that emerge from the needs expressed by the selected ideas;
  • Citizens and P.A. to fund companies to transform popular ideas into Applications, using the building blocks (open service and open data) available in the marketplace.

Objectives are broken down into smaller Societal (SO) and technological (TO) objectives, as shown in Figure.




The SO and TO are:

To promote the economic growth and job creation with added-value vertical apps and datasets:

WeLive will offer a set of tools to create and deploy new public services (apps) from open datasets.

To increase transparency and trust in public administrationsthrough new datasets and apps:

New datasets will be transformed and adapted through WeLive’s Open Data Toolset component given the public access to new information of public interest.

To provide holistic support for the Open Innovation process of public services:

WeLive wants to open public service innovation to any stakeholder within a municipality. Citizens, local businesses and companies can collaborate during several phases of public service delivery, e.g. design,  execution and monitoring by generating new public service ideas, voting, selecting and funding them as well as by taking part in implementing and promoting new services.

To streamline the exploitation of Open Data from public services:

WeLive wants to enable access to the Broad Data gathered within a city coming from different heterogeneous sources such as Open Government Data repositories, user-supplied data through social networks or apps, public private sector data or end-user private data which can be used to filter and recommend the contents and services most relevant to them. For that, it provides the Open Data Toolset and the Citizen Data Vault components.

To democratize creation of novel public services:

WeLive provides an open collaboration platform for public administrations where basic services around the data belonging to the councils and even basic services accessing data external to the councils can be seamlessly combined by any stakeholder, ranging from public administration staff, passing by software developers to end citizens.

To enable personalization and analytics of public services:

WeLive provides a set of tools to enable city stakeholders to maximize interaction with the publicly available services. The WeLive Decision Engine enables the matchmaking between the users’ needs and the  capabilities offered by a city through the service ecosystem which populates the WeLive Marketplace.