02 June 2017

On June 1st  the WeLive project work team met in Bilbao to evaluate the progress of the project. The Task Force team is bringing together the applications focused on the events of the city of Bilbao and the information to Neighborhood Associations and parents of students.

30 May 2017

Smart City Dreams Spring Party – this is the event that was organised on May 10th, 2017 to promote the cooperation with the City of Vantaa and our project partners Laurea University of Applied Sciences. WeLive project supported this event that was organised in collaboration with the City of Vantaa and 6Aika project and Laurea UAS. Laurea has currently over 70 externally funded research project ongoing, and WeLive project is one of them.

29 May 2017

WeLive project was presented at Telecommunication and Information Society International day (WTISD-17: BIG DATA FOR BIG IMPACT) in Belgrade, Serbia on May 17th.

Dejan Drajic from DunavNET, WeLive Impact and Dissemination Manager, presented the project as a good practice example, side by side with the Cisco and Huawei managers.

The event was organized by Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism  and Telecommunications.

15 May 2017

Our partners Tecnalia organized a Design Game session around two challenges for the city of Bilbao: Urban transformation of the environment, concretely Bilbao's riverside and Neighbourhood development.


24 March 2017

Our project partners presented WeLive project at the “Smart Cities and Communities: Achieving Smart Urban Growth” event on Wednesday, March 22nd in Manchester organized by the

15 March 2017

Novi Sad City Council, announced a public call for choosing the best ideas for improvement the efficiency of public services based on the open data via mobile applications in the areas of culture, ecology, tourism and traffic.

15 December 2016

WeLive project was presented at the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence that took place in Gran Canaria, Spain from November 29th to December 2nd, 2016.

15 December 2016

WeLive project partners are currently in Novi Sad, Serbia, attending the 7th Quarter Meeting of the project. 
The Meeting is organized by the City of Novi Sad and it is going to be held from 13th until 15th of December. 
The partners will be discussing the project Phase 1 execution and idea contest that is soon going to be launched in all WeLive cities!

29 November 2016

WeLive have just launched an Idea Contest in Bilbao at the LibreCon 2016 - Business and Open Technologies Conference

More details about the Idea contest may be found here.

23 November 2016

Our project mates Jorge Pérez Velasco from TECNALIA and Giovanni Aiello from ENGINEERING participated on the Open Policy Making Workshop held in Berlin (Germany) on 10 November 2016.