17 November 2016

WeLive Serbian partners announced an open call for open data project ideas! The aim of this open call is improving public city services with eco, tourism, traffic and cultural projects based on open data.

The idea is to answer the citizens’ needs and engage them in creation of a new and smarter Novi Sad.

31 October 2016

Serbian WeLive project partners organized three workshops: for citizens, city representatives and IT entrepreneurs and developers on Friday, October 28th.

Partners demonstrated the applications Safe City Trip, Relocation Advisor, Public Procurement and WeLive Project platform, and the participants had the opportunity to learn more about We-government and new tools and technologies that WeLive brings to the citizens of Novi Sad.

27 October 2016

Dr Dejan Drajić from DNET and Jorge Pérez Velasco from TECNALIA participated on 24th October 2016 at the JPI Urban Europe stakeholder workshop in Brussels  "Smart City Governance – Stakeholder Workshop” organized by URBIS.

Dr. Dejan Drajić  presented WeLive project in general with focus on what WeLive propose and how, project impact and results and key aspects of the project.

23 September 2016

ICT Proposers' Day 2016 is organised on Monday & Tuesday the 26-27 September 2016, as part of Digital Week (#DigitalWeek) in Bratislava, Slovakia.

07 September 2016

WeLive project partners are currently in Trento, Italy, attending the 6th Quarter Meeting of the project. The Meeting is organized by Municipality of Trento and it is going to be held from today until Friday, September 9th. The partners will be discussing the project phase 1.

05 September 2016

On Wednesday, August 31st we were in Baeza (Jaén, Spain) at the presentation: “Towards Ambient Assisted Cities: Smarter, more Sustainable, Collaborative and Inclusive Cities”. This session was organized within a summer course hosted by International University of Andalusia (UNIA).

IoT, Web of Data and Big Data technologies were explained, and some use cases, including WeLive project, were presented to the participants of the course. 

02 August 2016

On Wednesday 27th July 2016 our project partners organized two workshops in Bilbao: one with the public administration representatives and another one with representatives from local SMEs, in order to launch the pilot execution sub-phase for phase I of the trials.

21 July 2016

The 3rd issue of WeLive Newsletter is out! During the last 7 months, we have been working hard on the integration, set-up and population of the WeLive framework giving birth, as result, to the first version of the WeLive environment which has been deployed in order to enable the four project trial sites (Bilbao – Spain, Trento – Italy, Novi Sad – Serbia and Helsinki-Uusimaa – Finland).

04 July 2016

On June 30th 2016, Jorge Pérez Velasco on behalf of Tecnalia participated in a H2020 forum organized by the EsHorizonte2020.

05 June 2016

DunavNET and City of Novi Sad took part at the workshop that was held in conjunction with the IoT Week 2016 in Belgrade during the conference Innovation day, on 31st May 2016. The goal of the event was to involve not only representatives of the city of Novi Sad, but also citizens and public administration from other cities in Serbia and the region.