03 June 2016

WeLive project was presented in City Renaissance in the Digital Age Conference in Florence, Italy 1st of June 2016. The presentatiom is done in the scope of CLIPS project Final Conference in the Session 4. Key Learnings and Recommendations.

25 May 2016

WeLive project regular quarter meeting is currently being held (24th and 25th of May) in Bilbao Spain. During the meeting the project partners are summarizing project activities in the last few months and future steps are being considered. 

Also, preparations are conducted for the 1st project review meeting that will be held on 26th of May.

23 May 2016

Projects for smart Novi Sad (Serbia) will be presented at the upcoming IoT Week conference in Belgrade from May 31st to June 2nd. Among them is WeLive project and its Novi Sad pilot will be presented to the IoT Week participants together with the CLIPS Project, MobiWallet and project SocIoTal.

04 May 2016

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, as part of the WeLive project consortium, held a WeLive seminar with the topic “Better use of the open data generated by the cities!”

Laurea WeLive team appreciates the collaboration of the keynote speakers: Mirka Järnefeld from the City of Vantaa started the seminar with her presentation: “City as the platform of Digitalization”

10 April 2016

Novi Sad meetup was held in the great hall of the Business Incubator on 8th April 2016 at 14 o’clock and it gathered significant number of developers, SME’s and general public, proving to be an interesting event for all. It was held as an opportunity to mark the unofficial world IoT day and it included meetup events in Belgrade and Novi Sad, both starting at 14 o’clock. Video link was provided for both events and participants were able to connect and a chat about their experiences in this field.

10 March 2016

One of our project partner companies -DunavNET was one of the organizers and participants of the first IoT themed conference held in Croatia - IoT 2 Europe.

The aim of the event was to answer frequently asked questions: “Where does the expression “IoT“ come from?”, “How to start deploying IoT? And where?” during panel discussions that included DunavNET's representatives.

29 February 2016

Giovanni Aiello (ENGINEERING) and Jorge Pérez Velasco (TECNALIA) attended Policy & Networking Meeting" organized by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on February 19th.

They were representing WeLive project at the event. 

19 February 2016

WeLive project representatives presented the project at Open City Data network meeting that was held in Madrid, Spain, on 17th and 18th February.

Dr. López-de-Ipiña presented WeLive approach combining Open Data + Open Services + Open Innovation to give place to citizen-centric and driven urban services while researchers on Open Data from Spain presented their related research and projects.

05 February 2016

We are saving the dates! Giovanni Aiello from ENGINEERING and Jorge Pérez Velasco from TECNALIA will represent WeLive project during the "Policy & Networking Meeting" organized by the European Commission on 18th and 19th February in Brussels, Belgium."

17 December 2015

On December 16th at Laurea University of Applied Sciences WeLive partners held a meeting and organized a special seminar in connection with the project meeting. The topic of the seminar was “Let’s make the open data provided by cities into better use”.